[MapleStory] Reboot Guide

*This guide is no longer being updated because I no longer play.

Welcome my guide on the Reboot server in MapleStory (Global). This may or may NOT overlap with the other MapleStory servers such as Korea, SEA and Europe.

Table of Contents:


Q: What is the best class in Reboot?
A: ur mum

Q: Is there scrolling in Reboot?
A: No. Only potential scrolls are available in Reboot.

Q: Is there bonus potential in Reboot?
A: No. Only regular potential is available in Reboot.

Picking a Class

Just fucking pick a class.


Starting Gear

Level 1-100 (Early Game): Gearing up at the early levels don’t really matter.

Level 100-140 (Mid Game): At this point you will start to acquire items that will stay with you until late game.

    Your sub weapon and emblem will stay with you forever from now on.

  • [Lv.100] Secondary Weapon (Sub Weapon)
  • [Lv.100] Emblem (If you class has an emblem)
        These equips are basically end game but are NOT BiS.

The reason being that replacing these equips are extremely marginal.In most cases aren’t required in order to reach 2m-2m.

  • [Lv.110] Silver Blossom Ring (Ring) Silver Blossom Ring
  • [Lv.110] Condensed Power Crystal (Face Accessory) Condensed Power Crystal
  • [Lv.120] Royal Black Metal Shoulder (Shoulder) Royal Black Metal Shoulder

Replaceable Equips

    I will list the equips that they are being replaced with below.

  • A. [Lv.115] Nova Boots (For your class) Nova Boots
  • B. [Lv.115] Nova Cloak (Cape for your class) Nova Cape
  • C. [Lv.100] Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory (Eye Accessory) Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory
  • D. [Lv.120] (Chaos) Horntail Necklace (Pendant) Horntail Necklace Chaos Horntail Necklace
  • E. [Lv.130] Dea Sidus Earring (Earring) Dea Sidus Earrings
  • A. [Lv.150] Tyrant Boots (For your class) Tyrant Boots
  • B. [Lv.150] Tyrant Cloak (Cape for your class) Tyrant Cape
  • C. [Lv.160] Sweetwater Glasses (Eye accessory) Sweetwater Glasses
  • D. [Lv.120-150] Engraved Gollux Pendant (Pendant) Engraved Gollux Pendant
  • E. [Lv.120-150] Gollux Earrings (Earrings) Gollux Earrings

Level 140+ (Mid -> Late Game):

At this point of the game you will finally be settling down with some gear.
You will be slowly progressing your gear.

The ideal equips you should have at 140

  • [Lv.140] Pensalir HAT, OVERALL, GLOVES Pensalir Sentinel Cap Pensalir Sentinel Suit Pensalir Gloves (Bowman Set)
  • [Lv.140] Utgard Weapon (For your class)Utgard Crossbow.png (Crossbow)
  • CHT/HT Pendant and/or a Gollux Pendant Horntail Necklace Chaos Horntail NecklaceEngraved Gollux Pendant
  • Both Nova Cape and Boots Nova Cape Nova Boots
  • Boss Accessories (Rings, Shoulder, Earrings, Face, Eye, Pocket Item)  Silver Blossom Ring  Condensed Power Crystal Royal Black Metal Shoulder Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory Horntail Necklace Chaos Horntail Necklace

End Game Gear

    List of End Game Gear

  • [Lv.100] SUB WEAPON* & EMBLEM**
  • [Lv.100] Red Tiger/Golden Dragon Student (MEDAL)
  • [Lv.150] Root Abyss Set (HAT, TOP, BOTTOM, WEAPON***)
  • [Lv.150] Superior Gollux Set (EARRINGS, BELT, RING, PENDANT(S)****)
  • [Lv.150] Tyrant Gear (CAPE, BOOTS*****)
  • [Lv.150] Ghost Ship Exorcist (BADGE)
  • [Lv.140] Pink Holy Cup (POCKET ITEM******)
  • [Lv.140] (High Quality) Dimension Gloves (GLOVE)
  • [Lv.110/130/140/150] Rings: Superior, Reinforced, Solid Gollux Ring, Silver Blossom Ring (RINGS)
  • [Lv.160] Sweetwater Glasses (EYE ACCESSORY)

*Evolution Lab sub weapons are marginally better and for certain classes Princess No’s sub weapon is better.
**Some classes have higher tier emblems that are Lv.100. Else you will have to settle for the Boss Arena Emblem (Lv.60).
***Sometimes it may be impractical to get a Fafnir weapon. The alternatives are: Sweetwater weapon, [Lv.150] Japanese weapon, [Lv.150] Commerci Weapon, and [Lv.140] Utgard Weapon.
****Acquiring Gollux items sometimes require some luck (mostly on Reinforced or higher) so you may be sitting on Solid Gollux equipment for sometime or even settle for Alien equips (Lv.180).
*****Boots take a while to get (8 Hard Magnus clears) so you may be using Nova Boots for a while until then.
******Best Pocket item that is NOT an event item. Sometimes there will be event Pocket Items that are better.

Quests, Prequests, Questlines, Party Quests, Dungeons, and the Like

Here are some quests and prequests you should consider doing.

  • [Lv.90+] Magnus Prequests → Nova Equips, Black Metal Shoulder, and Tyrant Equips
  • [Lv.90+] Normal/Chaos Zakum → Zakum Equips for NPCing, Aquatic Eye Letter Accessory, Condensed Power Crystal
  • [Lv.105+] Mu Lung Dojo → Epic Potential Scroll 50% and more
  • [Lv.120+] Normal/Hard Hilla → Necro Equips for NPCing, Blackheart Pet, Soul Shards
  • [Lv.120+] Root Abyss Quests → Soul Shards and 10 Clears per boss is required for Chaos Root Abyss → Chaos Root Abyss Equips
  • [Lv.130+] Easy/Normal/Chaos Horntail → (Chaos) Horntail Pendant, Dea Sidus Earrings, Pensalir Equips
  • [Lv.130-140] Crimsonheart/Gollux/Commerci Prequests → Gollux, Commerci, and Sweetwater Equips
  • [Lv.135-150] Ghosts of the Past Questline → Ghost Ship Exorcist (BADGE)
  • [Lv.140+] The Dragon and the Tiger (Theme Dungeon) → Golden Dragon/ Red Tiger Student (MEDAL)
  • [Lv.140+] Dimensional Invasion Party Quest → (High Quality) Dimension Gloves
  • [Lv.145-160] Temple of Time Questline/ Pinkbean Prequest → Pink Holy Cup

Cubing and Upgrading

Transfer Hammer

You should always keep in mind what your end game gear will look like so be careful to cube and scroll accordingly. Also note the usefulness of the Transfer Hammer. Transfer Hammers can convert equips that are within 10 levels above it, potentials up to Epic rarity, and deducts the Starforce amount by 1 star. Superior equips such as Nova equips cannot have be transferred.

Here are two examples:


This is an example of transfer hammering 11 Star Pensalir Gloves with epic potential onto Commerci Gloves which are 10 levels above the Pensalir Gloves.
Here is a second example where the potential is greater than epic being transfer hammered. If the unique potential stat is unavailable at epic, it will be completely rerolled.


Upgrades to Keep in Mind

Since you want to save as much mesos as you can you’ll want to be using the transfer hammer in the later stages of the game to save you a lot of time from farming potential/epic potential scrolls.

  • [Lv.140] Pensalir Equips → [Lv.150] Chaos Root Abyss Equips
  • [Lv.140] Pensalir Equips → [Lv.150] Commerci Equips → [Lv.160] Sweetwater Equips
  • [Lv.140] Pensalir Weapon → [Lv.150] Japanese Weapon → [Lv.160] Sweetwater Weapon
  • [Lv.140] Pensalir Weapon → [Lv.150] Chaos Root Abyss Weapon (Fafnir)
  • Gollux Belts and Gollux Pendants → Higher Tier Gollux Belt and Pendant
  • [Lv.115] Nova Boots and Cloak → [Lv.150] Tyrant Boots and Cloak
  • [Lv.100] Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory → [Lv.160] Sweetwater Glasses
  • [Lv.130] Dea Sidus Earrings → Gollux Earrings


[MapleStory] Reboot Guide

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